Dust Control Technology

In order to collect and remove fine dust using OmniJet technology, we will develop and commercialize high definition spray nozzle control technology that automatically adjusts in response to outside environment such as spray water molecule size, structure of spray nozzle and should-be injected water and air quantity. Starting from dust scattering reduction device on the construction site and road, we are planning to expand it to power plant and manufacturing factory and ultimately actively invest in development of fine dust collecting and removing technology in household and office environment.

  • Development of dust scattering control technology on construction site and road using OmniJet technology
  • Development of real time measuring technology of fine dust size and auto-adjusting technology of spray nozzle for water molecule size
  • Commercialization of spray nozzle system for construction machine & sprinkler truck, and development of business model through consignment and lease.
  • Development of large spray nozzle and operating system for power plant & manufacturing factory
  • Promotion of development and commercialization of fine dust control technology (reduction, control and removal) for household and office use