Musical Fountain

  • Key device to control the direction and angle to shoot the water and light freely in the musical fountain
  • Core device that determines the range of expressiveness of the musical fountain program director
  • Held three nozzles line up according to the size of musical fountain(25A, 40A, 65A)
  • To ensure
    • The safety of OmniJet from leaks, corrosions, abrasion & shocks.
    • The easy maintenance(repair or replace) of OmniJet.
    • The modularity for easy assembly/disassembly of OmniJet.
    • The easy diagnosis for preventing OmniJet from some inadvertent failures.
    • The high speed precision motion control in velocity, position & torque.
  • To design
    • OmniJet consists of Multi-Turn Driving Plate and Universal Tilting Nozzle.
    • The path of water flow into the nozzle is completely separated from Multi-Turn Driving Plate consists of electrical & electronic devices.
    • The inner environment information of OmniJet is always monitored.
    • OmniJet applies to Robot Technologies such as optimal control to minimize inertia effect, high precision acceleration/deceleration profile & sensing.